Our Teachers and Students


Victoria is our exam preparation specialist for groups and individuals. If you are willing to improve your pronunciation you will have special sessions with her. She also teaches English for different purposes i.e. Business English, Telephoning, Writing skills, English for meetings or presentations. She provides support to students who are preparing for job interviews as well.

German Language Teacher

Hallo, Freunde!
Möchten Sie Deutsch fließend sprechen? Dann beginnen wir schon heute. Skyp-Unterricht (60 Min.) für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Alles, was Sie brauchen: Sprechen und Verstehen, Grammatik und Aussprache, Alltagsbegriffe und Kultur unterrichte ich interessant und produktiv. Probestunde (15 Min.) kostenlos. Meine Skyp Adresse: i-ra-makeeva.
Ich heiße Irina. Und bin Deutschlehrern und Dolmetscherin von Beruf. Mit Erfahrung und Lust auf Arbeit.
PhD in Kulturwissenschaften.


Mukesh is a students’ motivator and experienced tutor. He is making a deep research and writing a book. He doesn’t believe in hard work, and loves to teach everybody with passion. His method helps even shy students to make progress in speaking. Students get support and encouragement. He uses individual approach to meet all his students’ needs.

Children Teacher

She has great experience in teaching children of different ages. Anna’s students improve fast because she uses communicative approach. She prepares a lot of materials for each lesson. Her students enjoy dialogues and games. Apart form teaching she also provides methodological support.

Galina from Russia

Mehmet from Turkey